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A report by Bill Gates to G20 leaders

Innovation with Impact: Financing 21st century development

I begin the report by describing the paramount importance of innovation. Key innovations like new seeds and vaccines - and new ways to deliver them to the poorest - can multiply the impact of the resources we’re already devoting to development. We’ve made a big difference, but we can improve the basic tools of development by making them cheaper, easier to use, and more efficient. Despite the current economic crisis, I am optimistic that we can build on the generosity and innovations that worked in the past. The group of countries able to contribute resources to development is larger than ever before. The number of people who can spur innovations is much greater than in the past.

Meanwhile, traditional donors must take steps to meet their aid commitments and spend their aid strategically. If the countries that have made promises stick to them, it will generate an additional $80 billion annually starting in 2015.

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