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Are ICT, Workplace Organization and Human Capital Relevant for Innovation?

This paper investigates the relationship between indicators for the intensity of use of ICT (examining three different types of ICT widely used in firms: internal, e-sales, e-procurement IS), several forms of workplace organization, and human capital on one hand, and several measures of innovation performance at firm level on the other hand, in an innovation equation framework, in which was also controlled for standard innovation determinants such as demand, competition and firm size. The empirical part is based on data of Swiss and Greek firms. This paper contributes to literature in three ways: first, it analyzes three important factors, i.e. information technology, workplace organization and human capital, which are considered to be drivers of innovation performance particularly in the last fifteen to twenty years, in the same setting, it uses several innovation indicators that cover both the input and the output side of the innovation process and, third, it does the analysis in a comparative setting for two countries, Greece and Switzerland, with quite different levels of technological and economic development.

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