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Center Focus: The ground is shifting –

The Durban outcome approved and retained many of the gender equality elements that were gained by gender advocates in the Cancun Decisions. It also approved the instruments for operationalizing the Green Climate Fund, which will hopefully be funded. It also approved and set in motion processes to fully operationalize the Standing Committee to oversee Climate finance under the Convention and the Technology Mechanism and Technology Executive Committee, to oversee the long awaited technology transfer and development to support developing countries’ adaptation and mitigation actions.

All of these mechanisms were previously established at the Cancun 2010 meeting and included many positive elements in recognition of the role and contribution of women to sustainable development and managing climate change.

The New Economy Movement recognizes the current problems with our consumer-driven economy and seeks to reframe the economy toward the global common good and a sustainable future. Its goal is to reprioritize the economy towards one which provides for people’s livelihoods, provisioning of the household and providing for everyone’s future. Instead of pursuing material wealth, it pursues a better quality of life for all.

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