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CTA Brussels Development Briefings: The Readers!

brusselsbriefings- The CTA Brussels Office proposes Readers on key topics in ACP-EU relations. A Reader gives a summary of the subject discussed during a Brussels Development Briefing as well as resources and references available online.

Humanitarian assistance and rural development in ACP countries [12 May 2010]

Biodiversity and rural development in ACP countries [10 March 2010]

Population growth and its implications for ACP rural development [27 January 2010]

From Global Food Crisis to Local Food Insecurity [9 December 2009]

Upgrading to compete in a globalised world: What opportunities and challenges for SMEs in agriculture in ACP countries? [23 September 2009]

The Role of Livestock for ACP countries: challenges and opportunities ahead [1 July 2009]

Meeting Food Safety Standards: Implications for ACP agricultural exports [11 May 2009]

Fighting against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing (IUU): Impacts and challenges for ACP countries [29 April 2009]

Land access and rural development: New challenges, new opportunities [25 February 2009]

How does international migration affect ACP rural development? [11 December 2008]

Rising food prices: an opportunity for change? [16 October 2008]

New drivers, new players in ACP rural development [2 July 2008]

Does Fair Trade contribute to sustainable development? [16 April 2008]

The climate challenge for ACP agriculture [13 February 2008]

Can Aid fix trade? The ‘Aid for Trade’ Agenda [5 December 2007]

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