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Cutting a Path to Prosperity: How Ecation Pioneers are Building Better Business sceools for the developing world... and wHy

This volume is a collection of the time and efforts of maund the globe - as is shown on the map above. When GBSN set out to collect the stories that it contains, it was hard to anticipate what we could end up with. The result has been a fascinating collecart III we explore the lessons learned from the stories and look at new ideas that will enable GBSN and our partners to take the next steps forward in this effort to address the challenges that so many business schools in developing countries face.Whether you are already an education professional, or are just starting to look at how management education can help your business or development efforts, we hope the contents of this book will give you some useful food for thought. In producing this book the Global Business School Network sought to bring together in an accessible way a sampling of the approaches that people have used to bring management educati, we hope to inspire more “pioneers” to educate and empower people, and entire nations, through high quality, locally relevant management education.

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