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Doing Business 2013

Doing Business 2013 holds new information to inspire policy makers and researchers. One finding is that Poland improved the most in the Doing Business measures in 2011/12, while Singapore maintains its top spot in the overall ranking. Another  finding is that European economies in fiscal distress are making efforts to improve the business climate, and this is beginning to be reflected in the indicators tracked by Doing Business, with Greece being among the 10 economies that improved the most in the Doing Business measures in the past year. Part of the solution to high debt is the recovery of economic growth, and there is broad recognition that creating a friendlier environment for entrepreneurs is central to this goal. But perhaps the most exciting finding is that of a steady march from 2003 to 2012 toward better business regulation across the wide range of economies included. With a handful of exceptions, every economy covered by Doing Business has narrowed the gap in business regulatory practice with the top global performance in the areas measured by the indicators.

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