child nutrition, child support grant, childrens height, conditional cash transfers, continuous treatment estimator, Early Child and Children's Health, electricity, food wastage, healthcare, program evaluation, school system, Economic Assistance, Financial Sector & Social Assistance, South Africa
Estimating the Impact of the South African Child Support Grant

The paper estimates the impact of the South African Child Support Grant (CSG) on child health, nutrition and education. The generalized approach estimates a positive treatment effect for children’s height-for-age and progress through the school system. Although these estimates do provide some evidence of the positive effect of the Child Support Grant on the lives of children, the estimates are small and do not provide clear evidence that the transfers received by caregivers are spent mainly on improving the well-being of beneficiary children. Some potential and plausible explanations for this result are discussed in the paper. Nevertheless, the findings seem to suggest that some of the cash transferred through the Child Support Grant appears to be spent on improving the well-being of children.

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