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Financing Local Communities by Special Governmental Funds

Local budgets are characterized by a high dependence rate on transfers from the state budget, without the existence of some intense concerns on the creation of own funds. In the category of transfers from state budget there are included the amounts broken down to balance local budgets, the state subsidies and a series of financial amounts from special funds of the Government. This paper comes to detail the mechanism of local financing by the Fund of reserve and the Fund of intervention used by Government. In the recent years, they have become a support source for communities that fail to survive using their current financial resources. It can be interpreted as a variant of political favor to some municipalities, because there are no set some by the law clear criteria required by distribution of these funds.

Link: http://stec.univ-ovidius.ro/html/anale/ENG/cuprins%20rezumate/volum2012p1.pdf
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