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How to Deal With Pain in Left Side?

Abdomen area is prone to various types of pain as the digestive system and its many supporting organs are located within the stomach cavity area. These pains can be generalized to the entire region or localized to certain areas of the abdomen. Pain on left side of the abdomen can be triggered by various reasons. Symptoms are more common in women and in the elderly due to ailments that are specific to these categories of people. Some of the common reasons that cause pain in this region are the left ovarian diseases or problems with left fallopian tubes. Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, left ectopic pregnancy, diverticulitis and left ulcerative colitis are the other more common causes of the left side abdominal pain. 

Areas Related with Pain in the Left Side

Left side of the abdomen contains a number of vital organs and some parts of the digestive system. It also contains nerves and arteries and muscles and ribs which form the rest of the human structure. Any one or more such elements can be inflamed, infected, injured or fail to function normally and trigger pain and other symptoms. Following are some of the mail organs or body parts that are associated with pain in left side of the abdomen.

Nerves on the left side of the abdomen
Left half of the large intestine
The Spleen
The Stomach
Left Adrenal gland
Left Ovary in women
Left Fallopian tube in women
Left edge of the Liver
Left Urethra
Left Kidney
Skin covering the left side of the abdomen.
The Descending Colon
Body and Tail of the Pancreas
Blood vessels and the aorta on the abdomen
Sigmoid Colon
Muscles of the wall of the left side of the abdomen

Illnesses in any of these structures can give rise to pain in left side of abdomen area.
Causes of Pain in Left Side

There are various causes that can lead to left side pain in left abdominal area and following are a list of the most common causes:

Food poisoning: Consuming contaminated food can lead to food poisoning. This can result in vomiting and fever as well as severe pain in the region left to the abdomen.
Constipation: When the bowel movements are affected, a feeling of heaviness is felt resulting in abdominal pain. Precaution can be taken in order to prevent constipation, by eating a healthy diet that consist more fiber.
Kidney stones: This is very common in both men and women. A severe pain erupts in the abdomen, as a result of the stone passing to the urethra. Difficulty in passing urine, swelling of body, and pain in back bone area and abdomen region are the symptoms.
Hernia: Hernia is caused, when part of the bowel or gut projects out of an abnormal opening in the stomach wall. Hernia on the left side can lead to pain in the lower left abdomen.
Psoas Abscess: Usually occurs due to an infection in the psoas muscle. When puss is collected in the psoas muscle, a swelling followed by left abdominal pain is experienced. This condition carries the added risk of developing tuberculosis.
Endometriosis: This is diagnosed by a swelling in the left side of the area where menses occur. This is a common condition caused by the presence of womb tissues outside the womb.
Pyelonephritis (kidney infection): Affected kidney on the left side can lead to a pain in the left abdomen. The patient may suffer from difficulty in passing urine as well as experience fluid retention. The number of times the patient passes urine also increases.
Bowel cancer: Symptoms for bowel cancer is prolonged over a long period. The affected area can lead to a pain in the left abdomen, which results in constipation, loss of appetite and feeling of weakness.
Crohns disease: This can give rise to left abdominal pain, if it affects the sigmoid colon. Crohn’s disease is often confused with other abdominal pain. This is also another type of bowel disease.
Ectopic pregnancy: This occurs at an early stage in pregnancy which occurs outside the womb. The affected tube triggers severe right or left side pain and vaginal bleeding. Common symptoms are feeling weak, dizzy and experiencing pain in shoulder tips. If this condition is not treated at an early stage it can lead to severe blood loss resulting in death.
Bowel Obstruction: If the bowel is obstructed in the left side, it can cause a severe pain on the left abdomen. In the condition of the obstruction being serious, there may be no possible way to pass wind and feces. Symptoms are vomiting, cramping and griping pain.
Irritable bowel syndrome: This is a disorder caused by the malfunction in the gut. The condition is identified by bloating, passing of hard stools, excessive gas build up, followed by cramping abdominal pain.
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm: An illness caused by a distortion in the aorta which carry blood away from the heart along the abdomen, this can cause a drop in blood pressure. In some instances, the pain is severe in the lower left abdominal area.
Ovarian cyst: This occurs at the side of the womb, close to the ovary. The pain spreads to other parts of the body like the thighs. The pain caused by the ovarian cyst is sudden and severe.
Trapped wind: Additional wind in the stomach can cause left abdominal pain. The pain usually subsides by passing wind from the anus. The symptoms are loud bowel noises, bloating and pain like cramps.
Rectus sheath haematoma: This happens when one of the blood vessels from the groin leading to the abdomen is damaged. Blood accumulates under the muscles covering the affected area of the abdomen causing severe pain on left side of the abdomen.

Link: http://webmd.com/
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