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ICT Update magazine: Value chains

ICTs are helping small-scale farmers along every step of the value chain. Computer software enables groups of farmers to manage their combined stock and organise into cooperatives. Internet access offers marketing opportunities and puts smallholder organisations in touch with new buyers. Cell phones deliver market data and aid efficient communication along the supply chain. Using technology, millions of small-scale farmers can participate, influence regional and global markets, and bring food security and economic development to their communities.

‘ICTs are only as good as the information they communicate.’ Andrew Shepherd, consultant with CTA´s value chain development programme.

Improved access to cell phones has resulted in great changes through the entire cycle of farming life and along every link of the value chain.

Agritrade is an interactive website featuring daily news, expert opinions and policy briefs covering the latest developments in ACP agricultural and fisheries trade issues.


A new voice on the market
The Web Alliance for Regreening in Africa is developing a voice-based market information system to improve environmental conditions for farmers in West Africa.

Talk about shared experience
The Eat Caribbean project uses radio, podcasts, blogs and social networks to provide information on value chains to farmers and businesses in the region.

A smart fishing suite
Cell phone application mFisheries improves market connections, supply chain efficiency and safety at sea for small-scale fishers in Trinidad and Tobago.

Answering farmers´ needs
A multi-purpose ICT centre in Nigeria facilitates discussion among those involved in value chains, including researchers.

ICT Update ( is a bimonthly printed bulletin, web magazine, and accompanying email newsletter focusing on the use of information and communication technologies in agriculture in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries. It is published in English and French, by CTA (Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation) in Wageningen in the Netherlands.

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