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Mobile Southeast Asia Report 2012: Crossroads of Innovation

This report, the first annual Mobile Southeast Asia report addresses the growing strength of mobile innovation practices in the region. The material is drawn from interviews with over two dozen digital media experts and organisers of the MobileMonday chapters in the six key regional markets, as well as extensive research from books, journals, news, and market reports.

The focus of the report is on the overall innovation ecosystem, which includes a range of stakeholders: industry, entrepreneurs, government, academia and civil society. The report also addresses the crucial role of innovator networks and incubators, who truly make Southeast Asia a regional and global crossroads of innovation. Sustainability of the innovation ecosystem requires the right blend of bottom up entrepreneurial energy and top-down facilitation of investment policies and infrastructure. These roles are played by global+local networks of mobile startups and professionals.

Link: http://www.thinkinnovation.org/en/blog/2013/02/mobile-southeast-asia-report-2012-crossroads-of-innov...
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