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Racism and conduct motivated by racial or religious hatred is a daily experience for toomany Victorians. It can include a broad spectrumof behaviour, from low-level incidents, such as offensive gestures or name-calling, to physical assaults.

The survey was complemented by interviews with a broadrange of community stakeholders and a review of online content. During our research, Victorians told the Commission that racism occurred in many parts of life: at work and school, walking down the street, catching a tram, going to the shops and playing sport.

We also found that racism is increasingly prevalentin online environments, especially throughemail and social media, and that the negative stereotypes about different racial groups that are portrayed in the mainstream media can create and deepen divisions within the community. In addition to interpersonal racism, some Victorians also experience systemic discrimination. This occurs when organisations operate according to rules and policies that appear neutral, but which end up disadvantaging people from different backgrounds. Systemic discrimination can lock people out of social and economic opportunities and limit their ability to access a range of services.

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