Algeria, ICT, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Cyprus, Morocco, France, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, Greece, Investment & Investment Climate, Turkey, Middle East and North Africa

This book is a collective effort resulting from a 3-year cooperation program between academic and vocational training institutions from the Mediterranean Basin, brought together within the framework of the European project entitled ‘MEDFORIST’. MEDFORIST is one of the many projects funded by the European Commission under the EUMEDIS initiative. The objective of the EUMEDIS initiative is to contribute to the expansion and qualitative improvement of the Euro-Mediterranean Information Society in the pursuit of overall economic development, quality of life and mutual comprehension, and understanding of the objectives of the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation.
Following their research, the authors from the different countries of the Mediterranean region have drafted a certain number of case studies which present the uses of ICT in many different contexts. These case studies provide executives and students with a clear understanding of the impact of electronic business on firms in the Mediterranean context.

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