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The Outlook on the Global Agenda 2013

The Global Agenda Outlook 2013 is the flagship publication of the 1,500 global experts from the Global Agenda Councils, over 900 of whom met face-to-face during the Summit on the Global Agenda 2012 in Dubai. The content of the report is based directly on the most compelling debates within the Network, and is complemented by data from two extensive surveys taken from different communities across the Forum.

This year, the report is organised according to six themes: globalization, economics, geopolitics, science and technology, international development, and leadership values. A total of 18 GAC members contribute to the report, including Nobel laureates, heads of international organizations, academics and civil society leaders. Intended as a briefing document for global leaders, the Outlook analyses the key predictions for 2013 in a different light, and highlights areas of promise for the year ahead.

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