The Millennium Promise Alliance, Inc., is an NPO dedicated to creating a change in the African villages. The Millennium Development Goals comprises of eight international development goals taken up by the countries. The project focuses on nullifying poverty so that the sub-Saharan countries get the necessary amount of resources.

Many global leaders have taken up the initiative to get involved in Millennium Development Goals. This is a great opportunity for the villages and the people there to get a better living with the money given for their improvement by the Millennium Promise Alliance, Inc.

The official programs that they perform can be seen on their website where they get the world notified about their new initiatives and projects.

Major Contributions

Millennium Promise Alliance Partnership
Millennium Promise Alliance Partnership

The Millennium Promise Alliance, Inc. proved to be an organization that is working for the African countries and making the villages a better place to be in by making the culture and technology advanced in those regions. The Millennium Villages project is dedicated to working in 80 villages which are placed in sub-Saharan countries. Learn more on a similar alliance on Implementation Support To The PICES Survey In Zimbabwe.

The sectors of intervention in the villages include sustainable agriculture, ecosystem management, health systems and nutrition, education systems, governance, energy and infrastructure and Data and information systems. There are various flagship programs concerning Sustainable development goals which include funds, expertise, and leverage.

Result Of The Project

Let's End Poverty
Let’s End Poverty

The results published proved that 33 Millennium villages were funded with $50 million. The increase in production of crops was seen in some of the Millennium villages by 2010, which proved that better lifestyle is getting its place. The eradication of malaria in these areas is being done so that one of the Millennium Development Goals of disease eradication is fulfilled. Till now about 70-75% of the malaria problem has been eradicated.

Moreover, the most important motive was to end poverty in the Millennium Villages and the bringing of sustainable development in those villages. The progress of 500,000 people was made with simple measures of funding for education, lead farmer program and Community health worker campaign.

The Cutting Edge Science And Tech

The cutting-edge science and technology that are being taken to the Millennium Villages are the reason for which the people are getting a better lifestyle opportunity and the loans from the World Bank in these poverty laden states being relieved; the country can use all the resources to improve the condition of villages. I think the Millennium Promise Alliance, Inc. makes the best of the opportunities for people with the funding from the partners.