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Why UNICEF Is Usually The First To Reach In Tsunami Relief

UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) is a program run by the United Nations (UN) that works to provide welfare and developmental aid to women and children in developing countries.

The Contributions Of The Millennium Promise Alliance, Inc.

The Millennium Promise Alliance, Inc., is an NPO dedicated to creating a change in the African villages. The Millennium Development Goals comprises of eight international development goals taken up by the countries. The project focuses on nullifying poverty so that the sub-Saharan countries get the necessary amount of resources.

Role Of Rome High Level Forum In Rome Declaration On Harmonization

On 24-25 February 2003, Rome High Level Forum brought together bilateral and multilateral development institutions and organizations of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to make commitments for harmonizing operational policies, procedures and practices.

Monitoring The Growth And Development Policies Of Southeast Asian Nations

The Association of Southeast nations in Asia(ASEAN) is an organization formed by ten nations to promote economic, security and political cooperation. The ten ASEAN countries have had fluctuating numbers in terms of development and economic growth over the years. A close analysis is required to monitor the development policies of these nations.

Models For Sustainable Open Educational Resources

Larsen & Vincent-Lancrin believed that sharing the educational resources will result in the knowledge being available on the non-commercial terms, in simple words, free.








Sister Trick - Tricking a Step Sister
Sister Trick – Tricking a Step Sister

Sister Tricking – this thing speaks for itself. Step brothers taking tricks to whole another level, from innocent playthings to some serious family taboo stuff. Anybody who deals with a step sister can relate – these girls are so easy to trick and this exclusive fantasy series is another example of that!

Model Time

Model Time – the place where action in the video is directed and created directly by models. It’s first time we give models a total freedom in creating the content, so you can be pleasantly surprised with the outcome!



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